About the event

Wednesday, August 22, 7 pm
St Catherine’s Church (30 Vilniaus St, Vilnius)

The most beautiful Lithuanian songs of the century

Performers: JOMANTĖ ŠLEŽAITĖ (soprano)

Lithuania might not be able to boast of gold or other riches under the ground, however by no means is it short on gems. Some of the brightest shall shine in this evening’s concert. Singer Jomantė Šležaitė and pianist Vaidrius Smilinskas.
The performers have prepared a program of rare beauty, where we’ll hear songs by Lithuanian composers written based on the texts of Lithuanian poets from a period of over ten decades (1918–2018). A. Raudonikis’ “Švelnumas” (Tenderness), B. Gorbulskis’ “Mėlynos gatvelės” (Blue Streets), B. Dvarionas’ “Žvaigždutė” (Little Star), Z. Bružaitė’s “Elegija” (Elegy) – these are just some of the pearls from the luxurious strand of selected melodies!

Program features: A. Raudonikis, B. Gorbulskis, Z. Bružaitė, B. Dvarionas, J. Gruodis, etc.

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