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A concert full of magical sounds

GLASS DUO (Poland):

Almost every one of us expects some kind of miracle to happen on New Year’s Eve. And this time, the Glass Duo performers are inviting you to experience it!

Don’t be surprised to see a whole lot of glasses on the stage amongst the string instruments. They aren’t there for the champagne, but for performing all-time musical masterpieces. This is the “glass harp”, or “organ of angels”. An instrument expertly played in the hands of the Glass Duo musicians. Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec (professional violin and trumpet players) once tried to produce music from glasses, and they became so captivated with the whole thing that they turned their back on careers in the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra. Having mastered this new performance technique and amasses a wide repertoire, today they appear across the world, surprising audiences with their subtle glass sounds.

Many who have been to the duet’s concerts say it was like “a walk in the clouds”, or like “music from a dream”. We don’t doubt that you too will spend some time in a place of other-worldly sounds.

Programme – W. A. Mozart, A. Dvorak, P. Tchaikovsky, etc.

Concert duration 80 min.

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