About the event

Saturday, August 10, 7 pm
St Casimir’s Church (34 Didžioji St, Vilnius)

Soloists: LINA DAMBRAUSKAITĖ (soprano)
JOANA STANELYTĖ (mezzo soprano)
MATHIAS GILLEBO (tenor, Norway)
STEIN SKJERVOLD (bass, Norway)
Organist: JEEYOUNG PARK (Norway)
(Art Director Sergej Krylov)
Ąžuoliukas Boys’ and Youths Choir Chamber Group
(Art Director Vytautas Miškinis)
Conductor ABRAM BEZUIJEN (Norway)

Don’t be surprised if in the not too distant future, when seeking harmony of the body and soul, instead of the usual recipe you’ll be sent to a classical music concert, where the music of Johann Sebastian Bach will be heard. Its special impact is no secret to many performers. If you haven’t tried it before, you absolutely must! One of the grandest works by this Baroque genius, St Matthew Passion, will be played at the Sacred Music Hours. This work was played 26 times whilst Bach was alive – once a year during the liturgy of the Holy Week. It is a vocal instrumental drama based on the plot of the Gospel, reconstructing scenes of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ through the prism of human feelings. It is a story about self-sacrifice, i.e., values that are often forgotten in today’s world…

Program features J. S. Bach’s St Matthew Passion

Concert duration: 120 min.

Free admission