About the event

Sunday, August 15, 7 pm 
St Casimir’s Church (34 Didžioji St, Vilnius)


Soloists: JUSTINA GRINGYTĖ (mezzo soprano), JONAS SAKALAUSKAS (baritone)

The life of Aleksandra and Juozas Kazickas was full of trials. Yet there was also a lot of love, respect and hope. Neither the long years in exile or the war, or having to flee their homeland could extinguish this couple’s faith in one another. Strength in togetherness helped create a new life filled with joy.
Aleksandra and Juozas Kazickas believed that “a person feels happy when they can create a better life not just for themselves, but for others as well: their close ones, the people they work with, then their city and their country”.
A fine example is the Sacred Music Hours cycle, where thanks to these beacons of society, each one of us can find respite for the soul in the depths of music.


Program features J. S. Bach, Ch. M. Widor, G. Faure, G. Verdi, V. Bellini and others


Concert duration: 60 min
Free admission