About the event

Friday, September 18, 7 pm
St Casimir’s Church (34 Didžioji St, Vilnius)

Dedicated to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Aleksandra Kalvėnaitė Kazickienė

Soloist  EGLĖ STUNDŽIAITĖ (soprano)

It is symbolic that as Lithuania celebrates 30 years since the restoration of its independence, so too do we mark 100 years since the birth of Aleksandra Kalvėnaitė Kazickienė.

This woman, who endured the torment of war and the fate of a refugee, before creating a new life with her husband in the United States, never forgot her roots. She became one of the most prominent activists in diaspora, preserving, spreading and nurturing the Lithuanian spirit in a variety of ways.
A. Kazickienė dreamt of singing on the big stage, yet she became a safe haven for her family, and a symbol of strength, love and patriotism for all of us.

Let this concert be our modest tribute to a truly great figure.

Program features T. Albinoni, A. Caccini, G. Verdi, C. Franck, F. Latėnas

Concert duration: 60 min.
Free admission