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June 26 (Wednesday), 7 pm
Forum Cinemas Vingis (7 Savanorių St)

Is just talent enough to become a real musician? Can music change your destiny? The answers to these questions lie waiting in a special Christopher Festival film screening.
On June 26 at 7 pm you’ll see the moving and intriguing story of a young pianist in the French drama-comedy In Your Hands (Au bout des doigts), shown on the big screen. Our emotions will be further stirred by the live performance of pianist, Simonas Poška.

About the film: IN YOUR HANDS / Au bout des doigts /
When he was still very young, Mathieu Malinski (actor Jules Benchetrit) demonstrated a special talent for music. With the help of his elderly neighbour, Monsieur Jacques (a former piano teacher), Mathieu becomes a true virtuoso. Unfortunately, after his neighbour passes away, Mathieu’s single mother cannot afford to continue her son’s education, nor give him the attention he needs. In time, the teenager turns down the path to becoming a petty criminal.

One day, when Matthew sits down to play at a public piano, the conservatory director Pierre Geitner (actor Lambert Wilson) immediately recognises the young man’s talent.

When Mathieu is caught by the police after yet another burglary, Pierre becomes the youth’s saviour, offering him a non-traditional punishment – six months of daily lessons at the conservatory. A new stage in Mathieu’s life begins, where he gradually overcomes his fears, fulfils his dreams and meets his first love.

Duration: ~ 2 hours

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