About the event

Tuesday, December 17, 7 pm  
St Catherine’s Church (30 Vilniaus St, Vilnius)

An evening of thoughts on love

Fr BENAS LYRIS (narrator)

She plays Love, He tries to write It. They are pianist Ieva Dūdaitė and the priest, Fr Benas Lyris. This unexpected duet grew from the desire to open everyone’s heart through music and words to the small miracles of daily life.

The works by cult composer L. Einaudi (you certainly know him from the soundtrack to the film The Intouchables) and the soul-warming verses of B. Lyris are like nectar for those who long for real emotions and the feeling of a brighter togetherness.

Program features B. Lyris, L. Einaudi, J. Kubilius and other

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