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Do you remember your first love? Or the kindergarten bully, or who your best friend was when you were little? Well, pianist Ieva Dūdaitė can recall her’s without any hesitation – the piano!
Starting to play when she was barely six years old, today the pianist can boast having a tremendous international career. Wherever she might happen to appear in concert, the performer has earned the warmest of receptions from audiences, and the high acclaim of professionals.
The variety of her repertoire (from Baroque to contemporary music), the artistic quality of her appearances, her stage charisma – all are qualities typifying the soloist. However, her greatest charm lies in her ideally balanced youthful sense of fun and musical maturity. Ieva says that “man is a creature with aspirations, but I am blessed that my profession is also my dream”.
So, come and delight in the pianist’s embodied dream in a concert touched with romance.

Program features L. van Beethoven, J. Brahms, A. Piazzolla and others

Concert duration 70 min.
Children aged under 7 not admitted

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