About the event

The most famous love story to the rhythm of the flamenco

What do William Shakespeare, flamenco and ballet have in common? The answer is – Romeo and Juliet! Or, more precisely, the CMDANZA (Spain) troupe, here in Lithuania for the first time, telling the most famous love story to the rhythm of the flamenco!

This dance company from Mursia has been titled the “dream team” of Spanish flamenco, and they have enhanced William Shakespeare’s classic play with indescribable passion and drama. You’re in store for a very emotional and impressive event, which conveys the most fragile nuances of human feelings.

According to the dancers, flamenco performances demand no less preparation and stamina than do classical ballets, while the emotions characteristic of this genre ebb and flow between sorrow and joy, love and hate, life and death, and are thus perfectly suited to Romeo and Juliet.

Arouse your emotions, giving yourself and your loved ones a unique spectacle!

Artistic Director Olivia Bella
Director Ana Maria Vivancos
Choreographers: Olivia Bella, Puri López, Maribel Ramos
Composer Faustino Fernández
Producer Carlos Piñana

CMDANZA dance troupe: Miguel Ángel Serrano, Margarita Sánchez, Loles Souán, Pedro García, Héctor Sánchez, Ana Belén Navarro, Irene Córdoba, Trini Baeza, Dolores Fernández, Erika Ferrer, Ana Sarabia, Isabel Jiménez

Performers: Faustino Fernández (guitar), Tomás Navarro (guitar), Alejandro Villaescusa (vocal)
Juan José Cerón (violin),  Abraham García (percussion)

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