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A post scriptum to Christopher’s Picnics

Waidaki Japanese drumming group DAIGEN-GUMI:

Impressive instruments, an enormous amplitude of sound and expressive yet strictly harmonised movements – you will see all of this in the concert of our guests from Japan.
The leader of the Daigen-gumi Waidako drumming group tells us how over time, the functions of larger drums changed. The early Japanese used them to pass on messages, usually warning of approaching enemies, whilst sometimes drums were used to frighten away invaders, imitating the sound of a large group of soldiers on horseback. When peace came and the arts flourished, Japanese drums started being used in Kabuki and No theatre performances.
Today these musicians travel around the world and are proud to involve other Japanese traditions in their impressive performances.
So, don’t be surprised if Shishi the lion suddenly appears during a concert, and invites you to dance with him, thereby bringing luck, success and for the children – good health.

Programe features traditional Japanese music compositions

Concert duration 80 min.

Children under seven years of age who do not require a separate seat are admitted free of charge.
Doors open at 3 pm. A separate entry fee to the botanical gardens does
not apply.
Tickets can be purchased at all bilietai.lt counters, at the day of the concert from 3 pm at VU Botanical Gardens or online www.bilietai.lt
IMPORTANT! The concert will go ahead outside under any weather conditions. In case of rain, please have an umbrella or waterproof clothing.
Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Tickets can only be refunded if the concert is cancelled.
Dear Parents, You are welcome to attend the Christopher’s Picnics concerts in VU Botanical Gardens with your children. We kindly remind you that you are responsible for your children’s behaviour during the events. In addition, we have ensured that besides the excellent music on offer, there’ll also be entertainment for the little ones as well. There’ll be wind catchers, giant bubbles (weather permitting) and outdoor games. In the ponds meanwhile you’ll always be able to have fun feeding the ducks (which, by the way, aren’t ours)…

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