About the event

Sunday, August 8, 5 pm 
Trakų Vokė Manor (2A Žalioji Al. Vilnius)



It is as if we are surrounded by Ludovico Einaudi’s music – it is played on the internet alone over a hundred times a day. And at the Trakų Vokė Manor Park it will be heard live! Amid such impressive surrounds, the talented Italian’s works will be played by Ieva Dūdaitė.
The pianist has this to say about her choice: “I see Einaudi as being purely from our times. He does not seek pomposity, special effects or to put on a fake show. His music is pure and authentic. That’s why I have included him in my repertoire. After all, in such testing times, we so need simple, genuine things. I will play pieces from the soundtracks to the films The Intouchables, Doctor Zhivago and a few other masterpieces. Incidentally, it was Einaudi who inspired me to start creating my own music.”

Perhaps this concert will inspire you for new things as well?


Program features L. Einaudi

Concert duration: approx. 70 min

The Trakų Vokė Manor, halfway between Vilnius and Trakai, boasts an ensemble that harmoniously combines neo-Classical, neo-Baroque, neo-Gothic and folk architecture traditions. The mansion was built based on a design by the well-known 19th-century Italian architect Leonard Marconi and is reminiscent of the famous residence of the kings of Poland in Warsaw. The manor is surrounded by a picturesque park designed by the eminent landscape architect Édouard François André.
Almost all of the surviving buildings were erected when the property was owned by the Tyszkiewicz family – the years when the manor flourished.

Today it is still in the process of recovering its former beauty, however you’ll certainly find a place to rest from the noise of the city and let your eyes wander: stroll along the park paths, take in the view from the lookout that reveals wonderful natural scenery and reflective ponds. Don’t forget to go down to the Vokė River where you’ll see dams, waterbirds, animals and a fine spot for a picnic.


How to get there:
Trakų Vokė is a part of Vilnius City, located on its south west fringes between the A4 (Vilnius-Varėna-Gardinas) and A16 (Vilnius-Prienai-Marijampolė) roads.

Bus-stops closest to the Trakų Vokė Manor:
– Eduardo Andrė bus-stop (4 min. on foot), bus no. 51
– Trakų Vokės bus-stop (12 min. on foot), bus no. 51

Visiting the manor territory on the day of the concert is possible only for concert ticket-holders.



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