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Friday, December 28, 7 pm
St Catherine’s Church (30 Vilniaus St, Vilnius)

Legendary Beatles songs and Chopin’s concerto for piano


It’s no wonder people say the piano is the king of musical instruments. At this concert, it will become a symphony orchestra and a pop group in one!
As unexpected as it might sound, but Wojciech Waleczek is a virtuoso pianist with a remarkably wild and rich musical imagination, who likes challenges and surprises. He’s got some ready for us as well: he and composer Kamil Pawloski arranged songs by the legendary Beatles for solo piano. The musician is convinced that it would be fun not only to listen to, but also hum Hey Jude, Yesterday, Imagine and other favourite melodies.
While Chopin’s stunning concerto for orchestra (!) and piano No. 1 will be performed by the soloist alone.. . And finding out how he’ll do that is an intrigue certainly worth your attention!

Program features solo arrangements of Beatles songs (Hey Jude, Yesterday, Something, Imagine, etc.) and Chopin’s concerto for piano and orchestra No. 1

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