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Saturday, December 14, 6 pm
St Catherine’s Church (30 Vilniaus St, Vilnius)


Thousands of sounds in one guitar, an astounding fingerstyle technique and a stylish presentation of well-known hits – this has been the recipe for success for Alexandr Misko.
The 21-year-old guitarist has captured the world with his unique interpretation of George Michael’s song Careless Whisper, later drawing attention with the release of three new albums and impressive appearances, ranging from Germany to China.

The performer’s technique can be compared to playing the piano, where the strings are like keys, struck with all ten fingers. Alexandr does not need a group behind him for the melody, rhythm, bass and percussion, just one instrument and his imagination. His inventiveness has not only gathered a sizeable following of hundreds of thousands of fans – it has also earned him professional recognition: “Alexandr Misko is the future of acoustic guitar. People have watched my generation play and said “That’s it, that’s the limit, nobody can take the guitar any further”. But, the moment I first saw Alexandr my heart filled up with relief and joy, as I saw that they had been wrong”.
Jon Gomm (virtuoso guitarist, singer songwriter, UK)

Hear the future of guitar today!

Program features original works by A. Misko, arrangements of hits popular around the world  

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