About us

The Christopher Summer Festival  is the annual and only summer music event in Vilnius that has been around since 1995. During this time, it has received the highest acclaim from audiences and professionals alike:
• The festival has received the EFFE Label. The Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe  label is awarded in recognition of an event’s artistic quality, innovation, ability to involve the local community and garner interest in Europe and the world;
• For the quality and variety of its program, friendly atmosphere and easy access, the festival made it into the guide for the best 70 festivals in Europe, Festival Europe 2015: 70 Enchanting Places to Hear the World’s Greatest Music (only the Christopher Summer Festival and the Riga Opera Festival were selected from the Baltic countries);
• The prestigious French lifestyle and travel magazine L‘Officiel Voyage included the festival in its list of most important events to see in the Baltic States;
• The festival was awared the FestLabPass international certificate for creativity and innovation;
• The Vilnius City Municipality awarded the festival with its Colleagues prize.

The Christopher Summer Festival lasts for two months in the summer (July and August), when audiences are presented with over 40 original events held in various spaces around Vilnius and in Lithuania’s regions.

This festival does not easily fit into any stylistic frame – its motto being “all genres are good, except the boring ones”. So, alongside classical music masterpieces there’s jazz, world music, experimental projects, and traditional music cycles.

Born of European cultural experience (up until 1995 the strict prevailing opinion in the country was that there could be no cultural life in the capital during summer, even though this was not at all the case in reality in Western Europe’s larger cities), the Christopher Summer Festival has made this feature its signature trademark, inviting the most prominent internationally recognised musicians, and presenting the latest trends in music.

Naturally developing into a major international event, whose program is aimed at a wide audience, varying in social experience and age, the festival constantly reviews its structure, yet certain music cycles have already become tradition. They are the Sacred Music Hours, Piano Recitals and Christopher’s Picnics. Alongside these events, there are major premiere productions, world music and jazz projects, and performances in non-traditional spaces… This variety is what reveals the festival’s main strength, distinguishing it from other music events – universality. Thanks to this feature, each member of the audience can find a concert they’re sure to love, while professional musicians do not restrict themselves in any stylistic framework, enjoying the freedom to realise their most surprising ideas. An informal, pro-creative atmosphere, the summer mood and original projects – this is the face of the Christopher Summer Festival.